b. 1986, HK.




At age 12 I remember falling in love with my first love.  She wasn't a human - she was a camera and her name was Nikon N80.  This gift has opened my eyes in so many ways about media creation and communications using imagery and ideas. 

Fast forward 7 years later I started working in a high volume commercial photography studio in the Chicagoland area while attending Columbia College Chicago majoring in Computer Animation.  These few years have taught me a tremendous about commercial photography, lighting, animations and just what it takes to run a successful production studio.

All of this while working part time at my mother's Thai restaurant as a part time chef.  I love food - it brings people together, that means it brings ideas together on one table.

I'm a first generation immigrant, my family came to Chicago, IL when I was 11, So you can bet that I'm a hard worker and a smart worker.  We have to - that's how we were raised in the restaurant business.

Today, my current position is Media Specialist at                  Sears Holdings, working on multiple different projects ranging from 3D modeling, video production, motion graphics, photography and graphic designs.  Our in-house team work on different types of project such as mobile training applications, e-learning courses and company internal communications.

My personal time are spent filming and creating media such as music videos, animations, photographs for local Chicago hiphop artists such as Saba, Smino, The O'Mys and more.  My next goal and passion project will be dabbling into the mobile gaming realm.  Utilizing my 3D and content creations skills onto a platform that'll enable me to create an interactive environment. 

Music, technology and food are a big part of me.  I love working with people either on set shooting models, in a basement somewhere animation stop-motion scene or a dark editing room bouncing rough drafts and ideas.

You can check out some of my works on the main page under Demo Reel and Recognitions.

Thanks for reading about me :)

Tom Vin                                                                                                        Your favorite media specialist.